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Apple Computer Reading List
Books covering the history of Apple Computer, Inc.

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Books Published in the 1990s
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Steve Jobs and the Next Big Thing
cover of NeXT Big Thing

by Randall E. Stross

1993; Atheneum (Macmillan); ISBN: 0689121350; 374 pages

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A critical look at Steve Jobs and his NeXT computer company.

The Mac Bathroom Reader
cover of Mac Bathroom Reader

by Owen W. Linzmayer

July, 1994; Sybex (Paper); ISBN: 0782115314; 306 pages

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Amaze your friends with your in-depth knowledge of Macintosh's history. This book of trivia, anecdotes, quotes, and more includes a complete list of Apple's code names for all its products, published here for the first time. [Amazon]

Jobs and Wozniak: Creating the Apple Computer
cover of Jobs and Wozniak

by Keith Elliot Greenberg, Bruce S. Glassman (editor), Jim Spence (illustrator)

September, 1994; Blackbirch Marketing; ISBN: 156711086X; 48 pages

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For grades 9-12.

Apple World: Core and Periphery in a Transnational Organizational Culture (Stockholm Studies in Social Anthropology, No. 33)
generic book image

by Christina Garsten

September, 1994; Coronet Books; ISBN: 9171532110; 600 pages

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Steve Wozniak: A Wizard Called Woz
cover of Wizard Called Woz

by Rebecca Gold

September, 1994; Lerner Publications Company; ISBN: 0822528819; 72 pages

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For Grades 3-5. This addition to the Achievers series depicts the life of Steve Wozniak--prankster, math genius, computer wiz, founder of the Apple Computer Company, and millionaire--from his childhood in California's Silicon Valley to his successful career with the Apple Computer Company and other endeavors he has undertaken since leaving the company he helped build. The technical information about the inside workings of a computer is written simply enough for even a computer-illiterate youngster, and the upbeat and readable text is accompanied by appealing full-color and black-and-white photographs. [Booklist]

Steve Wozniak: Inventor of the Apple Computer
cover of Woz Inventor

by Martha E. Kendall

December, 1994; Walker & Company; ISBN: 0802783414; 104 pages
2nd edition, 2000; Highland Publishing; ISBN: 0945783086; 112 pages

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For grades 6-9. A thorough biography of Wozniak balances his astounding professional success in computers with his personal life as a father, volunteer teacher, and philanthropist. The smoothly written text is accompanied by black-and-white photographs of Woz, his inventions, and his associates. [Horn Book]

The new edition has several more anectdotes and adventures. If you order direct from the publisher, you can request one of the remaining autographed copies.

Insanely Great: The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer That Changed Everything

cover of Insanely Great 1st ed.

cover of Insanely Great

by Steven Levy

January, 1995; Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0140232370; 312 pages

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Levy, columnist (the "Iconoclast") for MacWorld magazine, chronicles the history of the Macintosh. The story of the Macintosh is in many ways the story of interface development, and Levy explores how this revolutionary interface came to be and how it literally changed the face of computers. He avoids falling into the "us and them" of the Windows versus Macintosh debate. He ranges from personal anecdotes from the creators of the Mac to more general issues of software design, hardware design, and the politics and showbiz of the computer industry. [Amazon]

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