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Books covering the history of Apple Computer, Inc.

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Books Published in the 1990s
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AppleDesign: The Work of the Industrial Design Group
cover of AppleDesign

by Paul Kunkel; photos by Rick English

October, 1997; Watson-Gupthill Pubs; ISBN: 1888001259; 288 pages

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Told principally through hundreds of beautiful photographs, AppleDesign is the story of 20 years of innovation...The accompanying text tells the stories behind the pictures and contains plenty of insider anecdotes, profiles of the creative forces of Apple, and descriptions of the product lines from the actualized to the theoretical. [Amazon]

Apple: The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business Blunders

cover of Apple: the Inside Story (1997)

cover of Apple: The Inside Story (1998)

by Jim Carlton

October, 1997; Times Books; ISBN: 0812928512; 463 pages

Softcover version: November, 1998; Harperbusiness; ISBN: 0887309658; 465 pages

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This is a worthy offering in the ever-growing genre of "boardroom thrillers"--or tragedies, as the case may be. The book traces the history of this Cupertino company that brought the personal computer to the masses, emphasizing Apple's downward spiral of the last decade. Carlton's thesis--that Apple's downfall in the eighties and nineties was the result of bad decisions, missed opportunities, and personnel problems--may be old news to many. However, Carlton's research is top notch and the specifics of each case are fascinating and insightful. Required reading for anyone interested in the business of technology, Apple is an uncomfortable lesson in how brilliance and ingenuity can create incredible products, but not necessarily success. [Amazon]

Apple (Vgm's Business Portraits Series)
cover of Apple VGM

by William Gould

January, 1998; Vgm Career Horizons; ISBN: 0844247812; 48 pages

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For young adults. This book looks at the history of Apple and the characters of the people who founded it. It examines the concept of the business - the "great idea" that started it and the skills and industry that turned it into the massive concern that it is today. The books in this series look at research and development, production and quality control, finance, marketing and sales. They examine competition, work forces and management, ethics, and every aspect of the business from its foundation to its present day situation and prospects for future growth.

Apple T-Shirts: A Yearbook of History at Apple Computer
cover of Apple T-Shirts

by Gordon Thygeson

January, 1998; Pomo Pub; ISBN: 0966139348; 204 pages

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Apple employees have long been expressing themselves with t-shirt art. For 20 years t-shirts have chronicled events and accomplishments within Apple Computer. Their hard work is represented in over 1500 pictures of more than 1000 shirts that mark the public recognition of the milestones they have achieved. [Amazon]

On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple
cover of On the Firing Line

by Gil Amelio and William L. Simon

April, 1998; Harperbusiness; ISBN: 0887309186; 288 pages

Softcover version: May, 1999; Harperbusiness; ISBN: 0887309194; 298 pages

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The book provides some insight into the significant events that occurred under Amelio's watch, such as Apple's failed in-house development of Copland, the search to license an operating system for the Macintosh, as well as details about those who would buy Apple including Sun Microsystems and Oracle. But the real focus of the book is Amelio's own frustrations in working with Apple's chaotic and undisciplined culture as well as Steve Jobs, the man who would eventually fire him. [Amazon]

Infinite Loop: How Apple, the World's Most Insanely Great Computer Company, Went Insane

cover of Infinite Loop

by Michael S. Malone

February, 1999; Doubleday; ISBN: 0385486847; 598 pages

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How did Apple lose its way? Why did the world still care so deeply about a company that had long ago lost its leadership in computers? And what does the story of Apple tell us about ourselves? Michael S. Malone, from his unique vantage point of having grown up with the company's founders, covering the rise of Apple for various newspapers and magazines, and even working for the company for a time, sets out to tell Apple's incredible story. And the story is even crazier than the business world thought. In essence, with only a couple of incredible inventions (the Apple II and Macintosh) and backed by an arrogant attitude, Apple managed to create a multibillion-dollar house of cards. The miracle was not that Apple collapsed, but that it held up for so long. [Amazon]

Apple Confidential: The Real Story of Apple Computer, Inc.
cover of Apple Confidential

by Owen W. Linzmayer

March 1999; No Starch Press; ISBN: 188641128X; 268 pages

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The author has posted the first and last chapters of the book on his website.

"Linzmayer is a freelance writer who has followed Apple since 1980 and who has contributed articles to every major publication devoted to the Macintosh computer. Much of the material in this latest book also appeared in Linzmayer's The Mac Bathroom Reader (1994), a title some may have passed by. Nonetheless, Apple Confidential is certainly the most entertaining book about Apple yet to be published. It may also be the most informative. From the 'forgotten' third founder to the second coming of Steve Jobs, Linzmayer traces Apple's history. He has a knack for uncovering revealing quotes and fascinating trivia, and he enlivens the book with effective graphics and countless photos." [Booklist]

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