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Apple Computer Reading List
Books covering the history of Apple Computer, Inc.

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Woz: Prodigal Son of Silicon Valley
cover of Woz: Prodigal Son

by Doug Garr

1984; Avon; ISBN: 0380884844; 160 pages

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All about Steve Wozniak, from the garage days of Apple to his US Festival involvement. This short paperback book began as a profile in Omni magazine. The cover photo shows Steve sporting a pair of custom Apple sunglasses. I saw a pair of these go on eBay in 1999--supposedly only 12 were made!

Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple - A Journey of Adventure, Ideas, and the Future
cover of Odyssey

by John Sculley, John A. Byrne

1987; Harper & Row; ISBN: 0060157801; 450 pages

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Sculley was Apple's CEO from 1983 to 1993. He apparently gave each Apple employee a copy of his book with this note attached.

Steven Jobs successfully tempted Sculley into leaving his position as Pepsi's president and CEO. Sculley ended up ousting Jobs from Apple!

Steve Jobs: The Journey is the Reward

cover of Journey (hardcover)

cover of Journey (softcover)

by Jeffrey S. Young

1988; Glenville, Scott, Foresman; ISBN: 0673188647; 440 pages

Softcover: December, 1988; Lynx Books; ISBN: 155802378X; 467 pages

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Puts an equal emphasis on both how Steve drives people nuts, and how people who have been driven nuts can do great things. [Amazon]

Accidental Millionaire: The Rise and Fall of Steve Jobs at Apple Computer
cover of Accidental Millionaire

by Lee Butcher

1988; Paragon House; ISBN: 0913729795; 224 pages

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John Sculley: Building the Apple Dream (Wizards of Business)
generic book image

by Harriet Spiesman

October, 1991; Garrett Educational Corp; ISBN 156074023X; ? pages

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A biography of John Sculley, who gave up the presidency of Pepsi-Cola to join Apple Computer. [Amazon]

Steven Jobs: Computer Genius
cover of Steven Jobs: Computer Genius

by Laurie E. Rozakis

June, 1993; Rourke Publishing Group; ISBN: 086592001X; 48 pages

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A biography for young people.

Steve Jobs and the Next Big Thing
cover of NeXT Big Thing

by Randall E. Stross

1993; Atheneum (Macmillan); ISBN: 0689121350; 374 pages

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A critical look at Steve Jobs and his NeXT computer company.

Jobs and Wozniak: Creating the Apple Computer
cover of Jobs and Wozniak

by Keith Elliot Greenberg, Bruce S. Glassman (editor), Jim Spence (illustrator)

September, 1994; Blackbirch Marketing; ISBN: 156711086X; 48 pages

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For grades 9-12.

Steve Wozniak: A Wizard Called Woz
cover of Wizard Called Woz

by Rebecca Gold

September, 1994; Lerner Publications Company; ISBN: 0822528819; 72 pages

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For Grades 3-5. This addition to the Achievers series depicts the life of Steve Wozniak--prankster, math genius, computer wiz, founder of the Apple Computer Company, and millionaire--from his childhood in California's Silicon Valley to his successful career with the Apple Computer Company and other endeavors he has undertaken since leaving the company he helped build. The technical information about the inside workings of a computer is written simply enough for even a computer-illiterate youngster, and the upbeat and readable text is accompanied by appealing full-color and black-and-white photographs. [Booklist]

Steve Wozniak: Inventor of the Apple Computer
cover of Woz Inventor

by Martha E. Kendall

December, 1994; Walker & Company; ISBN 0802783414; 104 pages

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For grades 6-9. A thorough biography of Wozniak balances his astounding professional success in computers with his personal life as a father, volunteer teacher, and philanthropist. The smoothly written text is accompanied by black-and-white photographs of Woz, his inventions, and his associates. [Horn Book]

On the Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple
cover of On the Firing Line

by Gil Amelio and William L. Simon

April, 1998; Harperbusiness; ISBN: 0887309186; 288 pages

Softcover version: May, 1999; Harperbusiness; ISBN: 0887309194; 298 pages

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The book provides some insight into the significant events that occurred under Amelio's watch, such as Apple's failed in-house development of Copland, the search to license an operating system for the Macintosh, as well as details about those who would buy Apple including Sun Microsystems and Oracle. But the real focus of the book is Amelio's own frustrations in working with Apple's chaotic and undisciplined culture as well as Steve Jobs, the man who would eventually fire him. [Amazon]

The Second Coming of Steve Jobs

cover of Second Coming of Steve Jobs

by Alan Deutschman

October 2000; Broadway Books; ISBN: 076790432X; 304 pages

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"...offers an interesting and enlightening look at the crucial period from Jobs's unceremonious Apple exit through his triumphant return."

From Amazon: Based on interviews with scores of people--rivals, colleagues, friends--who have worked with Jobs over the years, The Second Coming of Steve Jobs gets under the hood of this extraordinarily complex man: how and why he almost gave up on his career; the details of his negotiations with Disney's Jeffrey Katzenberg and Michael Eisner, and of the culture clash between Silicon Valley and Hollywood; his methods of leadership, management, creativity, and innovation; his friendship and rivalry with Bill Gates--and much more. In an unsentimental and powerful voice, Deutschman reveals a man who suffered his midlife crisis at thirty, compressing it into just three months; struggled between self-imposed exile and the allure of public life; and became the baby boomer icon who was constantly blurring the lines between businessman, rock star, and beatnik.

Steve Jobs (Real-Life Reader Biography)
cover of Steve Jobs book

by Ann Gaines

November 2000; Mitchell Lane Pub; ISBN: 1584150262; 32 pages

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For ages 9-12.

Steve Jobs: Wizard of Apple Computer (People to Know)
cover of Steve Jobs: Wizard book

by Suzan Wilson

October 2001; Enslow Publishers, Inc.; ISBN: 076601536X; 128 pages

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For ages 9-12.

Stephen Wozniak and the Story of Apple Computer (Unlocking the Secrets of Science)
cover of Stephen Wozniak book

by John Riddle and Jim Whiting

November 2001; Mitchell Lane Publishers; ISBN: 1584151099; 48 pages

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For ages 9-12.

Steve Jobs: Computer Genius of Apple (Internet Biographies)

by Virginia Brackett

March 2003; Enslow Publishers, Inc.; ISBN: 0766019705; 48 pages

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For ages 9-12.

iCon Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business
cover of Revolution in the Valley book

by Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon

May 2005; Wiley; ISBN: 0471720836; 368 pages

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Covers Jobs' successful return to Apple; his delivery of the iMac and iPod; his animation studio Pixar; and his clash with Disney's Michael Eisner. Author Jeffrey Young also wrote the unauthorized 1987 biography Steve Jobs: The Journey is the Reward.

I, Woz: How I Invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Along the Way
cover of I, Woz book

by Steve Wozniak and Gina Smith

November 2006; Norton; ISBN: 0393061434; 288 pages

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Reading Steve's autobiography is like listening to a fireside chat. He has some great stories, and passion to the brim.

Adventures of an Apple Founder
cover of Ron Wayne book

by Ron Wayne

September 2011; 512k Entertainment; 191 pages

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Ron Wayne was the third, minority share partner with the two Steves when they founded Apple in 1976. He worked at Atari with Jobs, and while at Apple, designed the first company logo and worked on the Apple I manual. The book apparently doesn't contain all that much Apple history, but some is better than none, when one considers the source. Includes a foreward by Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs: A Biography
cover of Founders at Work book

by Walter Isaacson

November 2011; Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 978-1451648539; 448 pages

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Steve Jobs cooperated with Isaacson to give what is probably the only authorized biography.