Ray Remembers When

Texas Instrument Printers / Altair 8800b

But I wanted to comment on the 8800b system we've been discussing. I sold a lot of those TI Printers and know of a few that are still working every day. They sold for from $1800 to $2200 depending on the distributor price and the options desired. They were one of the REAL printers of those days. They were so good that I wouldn't be surprised if TI isn't still selling them in those applications that need multipart forms and rear tractor drive for the paper. The 8800b in that configuration sold for around $2000 or more and the dual 8" disk system went for the same or more. The Intertech terminal sold for about $1200. Now add all the cables and other accessories, and you are looking at a hardware cost of $7200 to $7500. The guy selling it honestly believes that his $2500 is a steal.