Ray Remembers When

Jerry Pournell / John Craig / The Drunken Debate

Besides that, I have a great memory for generalities, but a very poor memory for specifics. Thus, I can remember having a conversation with someone, or being a witness to a conversation or confrontation between a couple people, but I can't remember a specific thing that was actually said.

For example, I remember a hilarious argument between the editor of Computer World (John something, but I can't remember what) [John Craig] and the Science Fiction author that wrote a monthly column in Byte Magazine (he coauthored Lucifer's Hammer with David Niven, among many others) and whose name I also can't remember [Jerry Pournell]. Lee Felsenstein instigated the argument just for the hell of it, and moderated the argument, making sure it continued if it started to lag. The whole argument revolved around which guy was the bigger egomaniac, braggart, womanizer. They were both drunk as a skunk, and kept going where lesser men would have collapsed or passed out. I could research that one by writing to Mike Swaine because he was with me and neither of us were drinking and might remember it.