Ray Remembers When

Jef Raskin / Xerox PARC / Bob Spinrad / BNL

Since I got involved with the Computer History Club I have "met" a lot of interesting people, one of whom will interest you. He is Jef Raskin. Here again we go back to BNL. It was during a high school outing to BNL that he was introduced to the computer and got so carried away that he remained hooked for life. From his description of the whole episode I am convinced that the computer was "MERLIN" and the "nice computer scientist" that helped him as he tried to write a program during his visit was almost certainly Bob Spinrad, with whom I became acquainted at about the same time and who was later my boss, friend and mentor. If I am right, and I'm trying to find out, then when Steve Jobs and his crew, including Jef, were visiting the Xerox PARC, the director was Bob Spinrad! Ain't it a small world!