Ray Remembers When

Minimicromart / Vector Graphics

Gosh, I had forgotten all about dear old MiniMicroMart. I knew him well although I can't remember his name. A very Jewish man, a real jewel. Very nice and likeable, a crook to the core and a semi-success at anything he decided to do. We did battle over his prices for Vector Graphics products, which he sold for less than we could buy them for. It turned out that he wasn't the bad guy, it was Lori Harp of Vector Graphics that charged him less. Anyway, he sold everything under the computer sun, new and used, and showed up at all the shows and conferences, etc. A little bitty guy with dark hair and I think a beard. I constantly fought with him but I really liked him anyway, and I think the feeling was mutual. I would by all means get those catalogs if possible.