Ray Remembers When

John Lombardi / John Prather

John Lombardi: Sure, I knew him pretty well, and have an autographed copy of his Computer Literacy book. He bought his first and second Apple II from The Data Domain. He spent so much time in the store that we offered him the job of editing the newsletter. I have a few issues and will send you a scan of the front page of a couple if you wish.

John Lombardi was "sold" on the Apple II by a part-time employee named John Prather whose primary profession was director of Quality Control of Picture Tubes at RCA. He was another customer who spent so much time in the store that we put him to work. He was a wild man. He stood well over six feet tall, had a voice that could be heard a block away, and could make you laugh constantly. The Apple was his first computer and he could sell the Apple to anyone, for any application, over any other choice with one hand tied behind his back. He managed to get Apples to be accepted for RCA over the adamant negative recommendations of the computer resource management people. I got an email from him. He is in Texas, traveling in his mobile home and currently parked in a mobile home park doing some network design and construction. His mobile home is equipped with a GPS, anything you can think of electronically. He told me about another web site worth seeing. I'll send it to you tomorrow.