Ray Remembers When

Thom Hogan / CPM

I have two copies of Thom Hogan’s CPM User Guide which was the best selling technical book of the year in 1978/79, or so Osborne Associates (the publisher) said. Thom is another Data Domain alum. Heck, he wrote the book on my time and I introduced him to John Craig and Adam Osborne on a trip to the coast. Six weeks later he tells me that John Craig has hired him to write for Computer World and a couple months later he is on television with Adam, announcing the Osborne 1. I have one of the very few original draft copies of the book too. Thom is a strange beast. We never got along re running the business, and he never even thanked me for his first job, let alone encouraging him to grow, which I did with all of my employees. Mike Swaine is another I lost to the West coast, and a fellow named Roger Chapman and another named Roy Robinson, all of whom are still friends except Thom, who has no friends, only people he tolerates. We all agree that "Well, that’s just Thom--"