Ray Remembers When

Grosche's Law

Have you ever heard of Grosche's Law? It is easy to find on the Internet; just do a search on the words: "Grosche's Law" or "Herb Grosche" and you will find it and many more humorous and not so humorous laws, etc. What I want to know is when it first appeared in the popular press of the time, around 1960, plus or minus a couple.

He stated that to double the price one paid was to quadruple the processing power. (The general meaning, but stated much more succinctly.) So what I am wondering is if it says anything about it in that book? I asked the CHC [Computer History Club] members if they remembered it, because they were always quoting "Moore's Law" and it bothered me to think that they seemed to accept Moore's Law as the only one ever stated for the computer industry. The general reaction was: "Tell us about it and when it appeared and when?" I know that he was affiliated with IBM somehow and wrote for Datamation and Computer World, among others, and since I read Datamation more than any of the others, I thought it might have appeared there at about the same time as the others. To tell the truth, my gut tells me that he was either a weekly columnist or editor for Computer World and that is where it first appeared, but I'm not sure of it.