Ray Remembers When

Computer Magazines

David Bunnell was the editor of the MITS internal magazine, published from 1976 thru about 1980. Same David Bunnell shows up as editor/publisher of Personal Computing starting with Vol. 1 #1 and lasting for a year or so. Next he is found as the publisher/editor of either PC or PC World and when that one is bought out he starts the other (figure that one out and I'll know we can communicate).

Last night I was looking at Vol.1 #1 of Desktop Publishing and guess who is the editor or publisher again? Just following his career is an interesting sidelight on how to make a million as a non-teckee in a teckee world. I always said that if anyone was getting rich in the Personal Computer industry in the old days it was the magazine publishers. When a rag like PC or Computer Shopper can sell 300 pages of advertising every month and still get $2.50 to $3.50 at the newsstand or from the subscriber, you know somebody is making money. Every trade journal I ever subscribed to (and that is a lot, believe me) was free except McGraw Hill's Electronics magazine and Fairchild Publications weekly tabloid Electronics News.