Ray Remembers When

California Computer Systems / IMSAI / Altair

Re: the CCS System. I used to sell them. They are very good systems and their physical quality and design. CCS was always above average. Depending on what he wants for it, you could do a lot worse. By the way, the Altair 8800 was one of the worst beasts to live with ever made. It was so crude it is no wonder IMSAI and all of the other followers of MITS did so well, so fast. There was a customer of itty bitty machine co. that owned an Altair. When itty bitty put an IMSAI in the window he came in and looked at the IMSAI for a half hour and then bought one. Two days later he brought both computers into the store and demonstrated the IMSAI working and gave them the ALTAIR, completely encased in clear epoxy, for a window display. The 8800B was a redesign, without a front panel, but much better designed.