Ray Remembers When

Brookhaven National Lab / Bob Spinrad

Bob was my immediate supervisor and friend during the great days of the Computer Systems Group. Willy was our Division Chairman and supervisor of both of us. I have never found an email address for Bob, but I do have a home address so I'm going to write to him and ask him to get in contact with Sellam. Sellam expresses a lot of interest in Merlin. Bob Spinrad and a great guy named Marty Graham were the principal developers of Merlin. I haven't seen Marty since he went to Rice, in about 1964, so I can't do much about contacting him, but Bob lives in Palo Alto, so something might come of that. (It just occurred to me to give Sellam his home address and phone number, and have him tell Bob that he got the info from me. I'd bet my life that Bob will perk up his ears at that.)