Ray Remembers When

Dave Ahl / DEC

Of course I found one thing to tell you about. The second one says that David Ahl saw the tennis-for-two [at BNL] game and wrote about it later. (It would be nice to get a copy of that writing too.) The funny thing is that I got pretty well acquainted with Dave when I opened the Data Domain and started selling Creative Computing magazine. I'm sure that I must have told him that I had worked at BNL because one of the things I thought of doing was to get a DEC computer and install it in a trailer and go around to the Eastern Long Island schools and sell them both student time but data processing time as well. Dave Ahl was associated with DEC EduSystems in its early days and they were going to do similar things. (I always had a good head for business that the market needed. It is just too bad I didn't know how to make them happen.) Anyway, neither of us ever discovered that we had a "node" that pre-dated either of us getting irrevocably "hooked" into the computer business.