Ray Remembers When

ADDS 880 Terminal / Intertech Data Systems

Take a look at the referenced item. Look at the CRT terminal that is part of the system. Notice the size and shape of the terminal. That enclosure is the original ADDS 880 terminal enclosure, designed by Raymond Lowie Smith, one of the two or three best industrial design firms in the country in 1970 when it was designed.

One of my claims to fame is the keyboard layout on that terminal. And the key top colors that rocked the industry, Pumpkin Orange and Yellow. We only used it for a couple models and then went to something that was less expensive to manufacture.

How the Intertech Data Systems got hold of the design is a mystery to me, but they used it for several products. It had been at least five years since the design was used by ADDS, but they seemed as surprised as I to see Intertech using it. Maybe they just took an old ADDS terminal and reverse engineered the enclosure.