Apple Trivia!

Welcome! Take the quiz below to see how much you know about the history of Apple Computer. It seems that most scores range in the +5 to +8 range. As of November 11, I have yet to see somebody answer every question correctly.

1. Shortly before the creation of Apple Computer Company, Steve Jobs worked:
a. For Hewlett-Packard
b. At Homebrew Computer
c. For Motorola
d. At McDonald's
e. In an Apple Orchard

2. The original Apple I computers were sold at a small computer shop, at the price of:
a. $100.00
b. $666.66
c. $999.95
d. $1,100.11
e. $2,500.00

3. The name of the shop in which these first Apples were sold was:
a. Quality Computers
b. The Byte Shop
c. Nybbler's Northwest
d. Big Red
e. California Computer Parts

4. Steve Wozniak was quoted as saying "It's Amazing!" on the cover of the October 1986 InCider magazine in response to the release of which Apple computer?
a. The Apple IIgs
b. The Apple IIc+
c. The Apple III
d. The (first) Macintosh
e. The Macintosh LC

5. The dogcow's name is...
a. Max
b. Clarus
c. Spot
d. Freelance
e. Cyberdog

6. And what does a dogcow say?
a. Marf
b. Mooarf
c. Moof
d. Moowoof
e. Oom oom

7. Elk Cloner, Festering Hate, Burp, and Blackout are all:
a. Apple II Viruses
b. Macintosh Viruses
c. Nicknames of people who work for 1-800-SOS-APPLE
d. Nicknames of some of the people who programmed AOL software for Mac
e. Nicknames of some of Apple's former CEOs

8. Beagle Bros. Software was founded in:
a. 1980
b. 1982
c. 1984
d. 1986
e. 1996

9. Apple's own (but short-lived) Internet/BBS service was called:
a. Uptime
b. Apple Blossoms
c. eWorld
d. AppleNet
e. Warp Six

10. Which of the following was NOT an Apple II magazine on disk?
a. Uptime
b. Softdisk
c. Toolbox
d. II Alive

11. The following two sentences were written in the in the introduction of the owner's manual to one of Apple's systems.

The Apple [snip] is a complete microprocessor system, consisting of a
Mos Technology 6502 microprocessor and support hardware, integral video
display electronics, dynamic memory and refresh hardware, and fully
regulated power supplies. It contains resident system monitor
software, enabling the user, via the keyboard and display, to write,
examine, debug, and run programs efficiently; thus being an educational
tool for the learning of microprocessor programming, and aid in the
development of software.
For which computer was this written?
a. Apple I
b. Apple II
c. Apple II+
d. Apple III

12. The option key was once added to Apple's keyboard in place of the now extinct:
a. Reset
b. Open-Apple
c. Closed-Apple
d. Clear
e. F16

13. "In Speed We Trust" was the motto for for what software company?
c. PDE
d. PBI
e. FTA

14. Which of the following Apple computers did NOT come standard with a mouse?
a. Apple LISA
b. Apple IIGS
c. 512k Macintosh
d. Macintosh LC II
e. Powerbook 5300c

15. Who is currently the "senior editor" of MacAddict magazine?
a. Cheryl England
b. David Reynolds
c. Nikki Echler
d. Mark Simmons
e. Gil Amelio

16. The original Apple Logo pictured:
a. An Apple
b. An Apple Tree
c. Sir Isaac Newton
d. An "Apple Computer" Banner
e. All of the Above

17. The first Macintosh Computer (not counting LISA) had how much RAM?
a. 64 kilobytes
b. 128 kilobytes
c. 256 kilobytes
d. 512 kilobytes
e. 768 kilobytes

18. Steve Wozniak's Web page is at:

19. Which color is NOT in the current Apple logo? (Try not to cheat.)
a. Indigo
b. Purple
c. Orange
d. Green
e. They all are!

Now, I could have easily made an answer page for this quiz. And, probably, I should have. But, you see, if I do that then nobody ever bothers to send me e-mail. And I really like getting more than spam in my mailbox! So, if you want the answers, you'll have to work for them. E-mail me ( and let me know what you think the answers are. (This means you'll have to take a moment or two to copy/paste the page into an e-mail or save it as a text file and actually try to answer the questions!) And, in return, I'll send to a copy of the real answers, fully explained, in text format.

Final Notes

If anyone would be able to get this page plugged in an issue of MacAddict, MacWorld, or in any other Macintosh-related information source, I would be greatly indebted to you.

It is the ever-increasing number of responses to this quiz that has been leading to my maintaining and improving on this page regularly. Many, many thanks to all who have responded with answers, ideas, suggestions, and Apple stories!

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